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Natural grass wood and cruelty-free boar bristles deliver daily essential skin detox by stimulating lymphatic drainage, increasing circulation, and gently exfoliating skin for a healthy glow.


6.35 OZ / 180 G


An ancient wellness technique that stimulates our lymphatic system to provide optimal lymph flow and drainage in order to eliminate toxins.

Dry brushing daily is essential to increase our body's circulation and gently exfoliate and detox our skin without the use of harsh chemicals to reveal fresh, smooth, glowing skin.

Comes with a travel bag so you can this skin wellness ritual on-the-go.


  1. Use on dry skin before and bath or shower.

  2. Starting at your feet, gently brush unwards towards your heart in small stroke or circular motions.

  3. Work your way up through your lower body towards your arms, abdomen, chest, and back.

  4. Brush for 3-5 minutes daily for the ultimate energizing glow.

Brush can be used daily before a bath or shower to boost detox and reveal smooth, glowing skin.

To clean, tap brush on hard surface to remove debris. Keep dry at all times.


STIMULATE LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE: gently boosting lymph flow which can become sluggish helps increase the flushing and elimination of waste and toxins stored in our body.

EXFOLIATE SKIN: brushing dry skin gently and naturally exfoliates our skin to shed the top layer of dead skin cells and bare new, fresh, smooth, glowing skin.

INCREASE CIRCULATION: increased blood flow helps deliver nutrients, oxygen, and immune cells into our skin, boost collagen production and cell turnover, and leave our body energized and renewed.

UNCLOG PORES: regular exfoliation helps unclog pores making it easier for the body to sweat and eliminate toxins, andvisibly brighten and even out skin tone.


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