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Science-Backed, Nature-Driven

Clean-clinical, multi-tasking skincare

Stimulating autophagy to detox skin at the cellular level.


I started BEAUTOLOGY LAB because from a young age I struggled with my own health challenges where my gut and immune system would react to toxins present in our environment, food, and personal care products. For years my body chronically presented inflammatory disease, gastrointestinal infection, chronic bloating, skin rashes, and fatigue.

This took me on a journey to approach my health from the inside-out. Then, as I started to clean up my diet, change my personal care products, and my environmental surroundings I realized that there were no clean skincare products that would help detoxify my body from the outside-in. So, I set out to create them.

My need turned into my purpose to bring health and wellness to skincare. Our mission is to create everyday, multi-tasking products that stimulate autophagy - our body's natural detoxification process - in order to detoxify skin at the cellular level.

Love + Light


It begins and ends with autophagy - the skin’s natural cellular detoxification process -  in order to repair, regenerate and reboot damaged, deteriorated, and aging skin.

The foundation of our unique formulas target, energize and accelerate your natural autophagy process which malfunctions and slows down with age, stress, hormonal changes, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

When your skin is able to detoxify properly at the cellular level and regenerate new, healthy cells - the skin barrier is strengthened, and it’s firmness, elasticity, thickness, tone and overall appearance dramatically improves. This process is the key to delaying and even reversing skin deterioration and aging.

The bottom line is that our skin’s overall health, vitality and natural glow is directly linked to the activation and stimulation of your skin’s autophagy process. It's the skin's reboot secret.



We formulate completely clean products using ingredients found in nature to deliver high-performing, science-backed skin nutrition that doesn’t disrupt your health.


We consciously harvest, source, formulate and package using sustainable and transparent practices that minimize our environmental impact.


We create a standard of skin nutrition that is inclusive of all ethnicities and genders and made accessible to all.



We educate consumers to feed their skin responsibly and elevate beauty consciousness in order to inspire and empower skin wellness.