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Restorative eye nutrition that visibly improves elasticity, puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines and wrinkles using 13 nature-found, science-backed, non-toxic ingredients for an awakened glow.

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0.74 OZ / 21 G (1 PAIR)


Restorative eye nutrition that works underneath the skin’s surface to visibly improve the skin’s natural elasticity, calm puffiness, lighten dark circles, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

This nourishing eye treatment awakens tired, dull, puffy, and dark under eyes. A must for when you travel or didn’t get enough sleep.

100% Non-Toxic, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Biodegradable Material, Recyclable Packaging


  1. Apply masks flat side down under your lower lash line onto freshly cleansed, dry skin.
  2. Gently smooth masks with your fingertips to firm their position.

  3. Remove and discard masks after 15-30 minutes. Massage remaining serum into your skin and apply skincare and makeup as desired.

Masks are safe to use anytime of day and as often as needed. We recommend everyday or every other day use for maximum benefits.

Please recycle the packaging, our environment will thank you.


NANO-ACTIVE GOLD: slows collagen depletion + increases skins elasticity + lightens dark circles + improves blood circulation to hydrate & reduce wrinkles

HYDROLYZED PLANT COLLAGEN: restores skins elasticity and firmness + accelerates collagen rejuvenation to reduce fine lines & wrinkles

VITAMIN C: boosts collagen production + brightens dark spots + evens skin tone + repairs skin by increasing cell turnover

HYALURONIC ACID: retains moisture and binds it to the skin improving skins ability to hold hydration + diminishes fine lines & wrinkles

LICORICE FLAVONOIDS: reduces inflammation and soothes the skin + stimulates collagen and hyaluronic acid production + lightens discoloration and hyper-pigmentation

OAT PEPTIDE: improves skin elasticity and hydration + stimulates collagen production + reduces inflammation + calms puffy eyes

ROSE OIL: increases skins permeability allowing nutrients to nourish the skin + brightens complexion + hydrates and balances moisture levels + reduces inflammation

SEAWEED POLYSACCHARIDES: promotes collagen production creating skin elasticity + improves skin tone + hydrates skin to smooth fine lines and wrinkles



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    Gretchen P.
    United States United States

    Love them!

    I’ll be 46 in a couple of months & I’m trying to reduce fine lines, puffiness, & dark circles that I have literally had all of my life. So far I love them & they are definitely brightening up my skin. I read in another review that after removing the eye masks & rubbing the leftover serum into the 11’s area (hate this area) & onto large pores has made big improvements for them. Very excited to do this as well as see the results! It’s also worth mentioning that if I get these too close to my eyes, I feel nothing. No burn or pain. Just coolness. That proves that these have high quality ingredients & are super safe for such a delicate area.

    United States United States

    Love the product, but I do have some questions!

    these are nice and relaxing and don’t slip off your face. as for the questions: 1. i just wondered if we’ve all came to consensus about which way we’re supposed to wear them? the big side inner corner or outer corner? i just see people on tv wearing it one way, and then you guys models are wearing them flipped. 2. does it matter which side is down and which is up? aka which side is supposed to touch skin? or does it matter? 3. why can’t they be kept on the skin for no longer than 20 minutes (per the directions)? i’ve timed it and they hasn’t even been close to dry yet. (this is my first time buying this type of product so forgive my ignorance).



    We're so happy you love them and love your questions! Here are our answers: 1. The best way to wear them is the big side on the outer corner so it covers more of the crows feet area. 2. We recommend applying them flat side down so they adhere to the skin better. 3. You can definitely wear them for as long as you'd like or until they dry out so the skin can absorb as much of the serum held in the mask as possible.

    United States United States

    BEST eye patches EVER made!

    I received a box of these and have noticed everytime I use them they make my eyes look amazing!! Everyone compliments on how young I look and at 44 yrs old that is an amazing compliment!! I have always been a huge skincare advocate and have tried so many different moisturizers, eye patches, etc. but none worked on that delicate skin under my eyes quite like this one! I don't sleep well, have autoimmune issues, so sleep issues and pain are my 2 biggest issues. That leads to my under eyes looking tired looking and sometimes puffy. Overall...just looking my age. I don't have dark circles but the under eyes can be very pronounced and sunken in looking when I've had horrible sleep. When I use these patches it brightens the under eye area, mutes the fine lines and wrinkles, feels AMAZING and creates a long lasting tightness that makes my face look younger! I'm not kidding. I LOVE this product. It's my go to item when I want to treat myself, have a spa day, had a bad day OR night and I will not go without it. Treat yourself and your under eyes to this amazing eye patch. For us older's a game changer!

    United States United States

    These have a good tingle

    I know these are working because they slightly tingle. They leave my under eyes refreshed and wake up my skin especially after a sleepless night.

    United States United States

    Like these eye masks better than others

    They are thinner than other masks so they actually stick to your skin and don't fall or slide down. The gel has the serum inside so your skin absorbs it and you can actually see them dehydrate if you leave them on for more than 15 minutes. They brighten and hydrate really well too.