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Reshaping Facial Tissue


We all know a carefully curated skin care regimen that includes clean ingredients and powerful actives will help deliver glowing, healthy skin. However, there is much more to that youthful looking glow than we may think. The high brows, prominent cheekbones, and slender jowls seen on models and on social media may be a source of inspiration, but rarely are the behind-the-scenes of these appearances explained. The use of Botox and/or fillers to achieve these cosmetic ideals has exploded in the last 10 years but, did you know that there are other, less invasive ways to achieve that model-like glow and face structure?

Compared to fillers and Botox, other more natural methods to reshape facial tissue have received much less attention. This is likely because they often take a little more time to see results or are much newer technologies. These diverse and powerful methods come with the added benefit of never needing to be painfully dissolved (like in the case of old, migrated filler) or kept up with as frequently (Botox every 2-3 months). Below, we highlight both DIY and MedSpa techniques that can be used to lift the face and bring that high-fashion, au naturel glow one step closer.


Facial tissue reshaping is often used to lift the appearance of the brows and the cheekbones or to refine the jawline. It’s important to note that the most common causes of subtle changes to facial structure are usually inflammation and swelling which are quickly eliminated with facial massage (Cryo Toning, Gua Sha), hydration, better sleep, and a cleaner diet [1,2]. Once these bases are covered, it may be worth it to pursue the natural, more permanent options commonly available at MedSpas. Listed below are a wide variety of non-invasive or minimally invasive techniques used to refine the soft tissue of the face to achieve a tighter, more lifted look [3–7]. Remember that hyaluronic acid fillers do not alter the muscle or soft tissue and are simply a short-term, superficial solution.


Lymphatic massage 

Gua Sha 

Facial exercises

Microcurrent facial

Ultrasound facial

Minimally Invasive:

Radiofrequency/Microneedling facials 

  • FaceTite
  • Morpheus8

Botulinum toxin (Botox)

PDO threads


When it comes to improving the overall appearance of the skin, always start slow and try to keep it clean. Simple and better lifestyle habits can help the skin glow and reduce any puffiness that may be causing you to over critique your appearance. Once all the basics have been covered, there are many traditional and new age technologies that can naturally stimulate collagen production and tone facial muscles to give that youthful, springy glow. The techniques we listed will help you avoid having to maintain expensive fillers by providing natural, long-lasting improvements to the underlying facial tissue.


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