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Holistic Hacks for Puffiness


Facial puffiness and excessive puffiness underneath the eyes is a common beauty woe. Facial puffiness can indicate a serious medical condition such as an allergic reaction or just being overly stressed. 

Causes of facial swelling/puffiness include [1]:

  • Allergies regarding medications, food or seasonal changes: this kind of reaction is a histamine cascade that should be treated by a medical professional. 
  • Fluid build-up: This is commonly known as the puffiness we see underneath the eyes and can be fixed by at-home activities such as facial massages - which we will talk about later. 
  • Injury or infection: again, this type of swelling should not be treated at home. Please seek medical attention. 
  • Pregnancy: facial puffiness in response to pregnancy is often related to the fluctuations of hormones throughout the female body that is normal during gestation. 
  • Obesity: obesity related puffiness can be remedied and reversible by proper diet and exercise.
  • Malnutrition: resulting in a imbalance in important nutrients that the body functions on
  • Sinus headaches: swelling or fluid buildup in the sinus cavity. 
  • Stress response that results in your adrenal glands producing more cortisol than normal

For swelling or puffiness that is caused from an allergic reaction or other dangerous medical condition, medical attention should be sought. In that case, administration of antihistamines or other treatments are needed to calm the swelling. 


However, how can we naturally treat other causes of facial puffiness at home with holistic hacks. 

Someways to prevent facial puffiness include:

  • Lymphatic drainage: lymphatic drainageaids in draining excess fluid buildup from the face/eyes - acting as a facial massage. This could be done with your hands in an upward motion. OurCryo Toning Tools are perfectly designed for the smooth drainage of fluids while hugging your face’s natural contours. 
  • Sleep well: it is a well known fact that sleeping well is a key to overall help.Sleeping can help you manage your stress levels and fight inflammation/fluid buildup inside the body. 
  • Stay hydrated: just as sleeping well has well documented benefits, so does staying hydrated.Staying well hydrated helps to manage the fluid buildup around the face and the rest of the body as well as preventing other health complications related to dehydration.

Ways to depuff the skin underneath your face and eyes[2,3]:

  • Apply cold compress below your eyes: cooling the area relieves inflammation by reducing blood flow. Examples of cold compresses include our frozen or refrigeratedCryo Toning Tools and chilled cucumber slices. 
  • Under eye masks: applying eye masks such as our24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks withnutrient-rich ingredients that calm inflammation arehelpful toreduce puffiness.
  • Caffeine: caffeineacts as a vasoconstrictor that shrinks blood vessels to reduce inflammation. This is also the mechanism of action behind certain eye creams or placing cold black tea bags over the eyes.  

While you may be plagued by a puffy face or eyes, it does not need to be that way. There are holistic hacks you can do at home to aid in your body’s natural process of inflammation and drainage to achieve the best results.