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Treat Stubborn Eye Bags, Puffiness, Fine Lines and Wrinkles With 24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks!

  • Healthy & Youthful Complexion, The Natural Way: We use Nano-Active Gold, Hydrolyzed Plant Collagen, Vitamin C, and Hyaluronic Acid for their powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that revitalize your skin cells, brighten skin tone, reduce inflammation, and repair skin around the eyes and help you regain the firm yet soft youthful skin you’ve lost over time.
  • Luxurious Self-Care Experience: Whether it’s from lack of sleep, stress, or proper nutrition, it’s your eyes that suffer the most. We know how it feels, this is why we formulated these non-toxic, vegan, cruelty-free, and biodegradable 24K Gold Eye Masks to provide relief from puffy eyes, dark circles, and dull under eyes.
  • Collagen Boost: Our under eye masks stimulate and regenerate skin cells, dramatically promoting increased collagen production to restore elasticity and firmness to your skin, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Support Agricultural Famers: 1 product purchased = 1 tree planted. We’ve partnered with Trees for the Future to help reduce our carbon footprint, and create a regenerative agricultural cycle to improve the lives of generations of farmers.

See Why Customers LOVE BEAUTOLOGY LAB...

Loving These Eye Masks!

"These little self care masks are a treat! They feel so cool and refreshing on my skin especially after a long day. I was shocked at how much better my under eyes looked the next day! I felt like even my eye makeup looked better and went on smoother!"

- Allison L.

Impressive results!

"I love the way these make my eyes feel. You can feel them cooling and calming your puffiness . The collagen and hyaluronic acid firm and plump your skin and they don't slide off or down while you are wearing them. Buying these on subscription!"

- Marissa T.

Puffiness No More

"A lot of masks I've tried sound great, but don't work that well. This brand is serious about their clean ingredients which deliver much better results. Great to reduce fine lines and brighten my eye area."

- Priscilla M.

How To Use

1. Apply masks flat side down under your lower lash line onto freshly cleansed, dry skin.

2. Gently smooth masks with your fingertips to firm their position.

3. Remove and discard masks after 15-30 minutes. Massage remaining serum into your skin and apply skincare and makeup as desired.

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24K Gold Collagen Eye Masks
Healthy & Youthful Complexion
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All Natural Ingredients
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