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The Truth About Detox: How Does Your Body Release Toxins?


Detoxification. Often seen as a buzzword in the health and beauty industry - but is it scientifically sound? How does our body really release toxins? Let’s look at the science before you reach for yet another juice cleanse. 

Many people believe that a juice cleanse, supplement or foot soak will clear their body of harmful toxins and keep them healthy. However, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to back up these claims.The body is actually well equipped to detoxifyitself! Organs such as the skin, kidneys, liver and GI tract havemechanisms in which torelease toxins through sweat, urine and stool [1]. 


The process ofcellular detoxification - also known as autophagy - is important in order to clear our body of unwanted toxins and clear debris such as the buildup of dead cells. Autophagy is therefore our body'smechanism for removing and repurposing waste within a cell. The word actually has a direct translation to “self eating” - meaning that the cell will recycle waste (enzymes, organelles or lipids) to be repurposed in the extracellular environment. 

We are interested in autophagy in order to biohack its mechanism of waste removal and the youthful appearance given to the skin. If you are interested in learning more, take a deep dive into autophagyhere [2]. 


The human body has also developed thelymphatic system as a way of detoxification. As part of the immune system, the lymphatic system is composed of fluid, vessels and cells [3].

Although not well cited in scientific literature,there are indications to a method of detoxification -lymphatic drainage. This method consists of draining the fluids in your face or body and clearing out waste products from the lymph to get rid of those nasty toxins [4]. 

Lymphatic drainage has been told to [5]:

  • Improve mood and anxiety
  • Boost the body’s filtration system by cleaning out unwanted products
  • Can boost energy by improving circulation

Many medispas will offer facial lymph massages to drain extra fluid from the face and creates the illusion of a  “non-surgical facelift”. A popular tool in lymphatic drainage is the gua sha and facial roller - often cooled, then rolled on the face to drain excess fluid and improve complexion [6]. 


There are alsoother ways to reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body. Naturally, they are just tenants of good healthsuch as:

  • Sleeping enough
  • Eating a balanceddiet
  • Stayinghydrated
  • Avoiding excesssugar andprocessed foods
  • Exercising  

More ways to detoxify include:

  • Saunas: in which you sweat out toxins from your pores
  • Product choice:make theswitch tonatural products such as deodorants, skincare, cleaning solutions and makeup
  • Chlorella: an algae you can ingestthat aids in the elimination of heavy metalsin the body


It is important to do your research before you follow the latest hot trend and be knowledgeable about how the body actually detoxifies. Hacking into our natural detoxification methods is key to seeing significant results. 


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